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How To File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Baltimore

For many of us, just paying off the bills seems like a Herculean task. Each month, those bills just seems to spirit away all of our hard earned cash leaving us with very little to survive on. Does this put you in doubt on whether you’ll be able to survive past the next couple of months? If so, all is not lost. Determine if bankruptcy is the best option for you at this time and if you need to learn how to file chapter 7 bankruptcy. First of all, know that deciding to file for bankruptcy should not be taken lightly. This should be your last resort as it directly affects your future creditworthiness. Before filing, you should…


Warning Signs You are Headed for Bankruptcy

When you are on unstable financial ground, it should be pretty obvious to you. There may be several things that may cloud your vision of what is supposed to be a clear picture, leading you now to seek the services of a bankruptcy attorney. Identifying red flags for an impending personal financial crisis is very significant. This may be the only thing that will keep you from having to file for bankruptcy. Here are a few warning signs to watch out for: Your credit card is at its limit. You have maxed it out! When you start using up all available credit, it’s a major sign that you probably cannot afford to maintain it. It is important to…


Bankruptcy: Why Having Too Little Can Mean So Much

As much as people want to deny it, money makes the world go round. It allows you to live, it helps you survive. With great importance put on money, it’s not surprising to see people fear scarcity — struggling to pay the bills, scrambling to make ends meet, and battling for a way out. No one wants a life like that, but unfortunately, a life where there is too little exists. Some people are faced with impossible financial situations where any effort to overcome it seems futile. If you are one of them, know that there is hope. A bankruptcy attorney can help you out. Being deep in debt and way behind your payments is indeed a scary…


Detrimental Mistakes People Commit Before Filing for Bankruptcy

If you’ve found yourself in a very difficult situation due to high medical bills, loss of income or perhaps a divorce, and you’ve come to a decision that for filing bankruptcy is your best option, you need to be very careful with your actions prior to officially filing for one. Talk to any bankruptcy attorney in Baltimore, Maryland and you will be given some list of moves that may be detrimental to your bankruptcy case. It is important to avoid these mistakes so that the entire process will go smoothly. Using Your Credit Cards The use of credit cards has to stop immediately. Using a credit card without the intention of paying is fraud, and the bankruptcy code gives credit card…

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