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Medical Errors that Could Lead to Medical Malpractice

A medical error is the misstep of a doctor or a hospital to ensure the care required by the patient for a medical procedure and it results in injury. It’s a breach of their duty to give competent care. How prevalent are they? Well, there is no reliable nationwide study that could provide reliable data on this. Only estimations have been made up to this point. The Journal of Patient Safety published in 2013 said that about 200 to 400 thousand patients died from medical errors and 2 to 4 million suffered serious consequences. The numbers mentioned are considered ballpark figures. There is, however, a determined classification of seven common medical errors that can lead to medical malpractice.…


What Involves a Medical Malpractice?

Any person who has learned a profession commits to bringing a reasonable level of care and skill to the practice. However, mistakes are inevitable in any profession, but each mistake has legal ramifications. Mistakes occur in the medical field just as they do in any other occupation. If you have been a victim of medical malpractice, this blog is for you.  Knowing what involves medical malpractice is a broad topic. However, we will simplify things for you and provide the most important information. Before we dive in, you must first perceive the definition of medical malpractice in order to fully understand what constitutes this illegal act. What is Medical Malpractice?  Medical malpractice is defined as professional negligence on…


What are the Types of Taxes?

The government needs money to function and it gets this by taxing its people. These mandatory monetary inputs from people and business enterprises pay for government employees and the services they provide. This is called a tax and the government must collect it from its citizens. A Baltimore bankruptcy lawyer can help you have a better understanding of these matters. Some are called federal taxes and they pay for national items like the president, congress, federal judges, and the military. Then there are the state taxes that pay local roads, and County and city taxes fund public schools, the fire department, and the police. Without taxes, the government can’t do anything and the country would be in chaos.…


Top Reasons Why Your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case Could be Denied

Are you running a business in Baltimore, Maryland? But do you suddenly need to liquidate your assets and repay your creditors to resolve your financial issues and file for a bankruptcy case? If so, make sure to hire a qualified Baltimore bankruptcy lawyer. The rejection of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case is very unusual, but there are grounds why a case like this can be denied. Many denials are due to a lack of attention to detail on the attorney’s part, errors made on petitions, and fraud. So you must hire an impeccable lawyer with good experience and an understanding of what is needed by the courts and local trustees. If your case happens to be denied, listed…


Credit Counseling and Debtor Education 101

A bankruptcy attorney in Baltimore, MD, or in any other city for that matter can tell you that there are no two bankruptcy cases that are exactly the same. How so? It is because every case has a unique set of circumstances surrounding it, like a person’s debts, assets, marital status, and real estate property. However, there is one factor that is common in all individual bankruptcy filers.  Whether they are filing for a Chapter 13 or a Chapter 7, they are required to get credit counseling and debtor education courses as mandated by the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005. Each of these two non-elective sessions approaches bankruptcy issues from different angles with the…


Bankruptcy Exemptions in Maryland

Most debtors file for bankruptcy petitions due to high medical bills, divorce, job loss, and other circumstances that are out of control. But most of them also wanted to start anew, and to protect creditors from juicing out every single cent of their hard work, congress has added exemptions to the law to protect assets.  Bankruptcy exemptions allow petitioners to keep basic necessities including residential properties, automobiles, home furnishings, and retirement plans. If you need to know more about the assets you can keep, get in touch with your trusted bankruptcy lawyer in Baltimore, MD. Who is Eligible for Bankruptcy Exemption? Not everyone has the financial capacity to maintain their lifestyle after filing for bankruptcy,  and this law…

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