Learn New Knowledge About Bankruptcy in Baltimore, MD


Pros and Cons of Debt Settlement

settle a debt by Mike Cohen under Commercial Mods and Use licence Regrettable as it may be, people in Baltimore, Maryland often go online to search for and try to find a bankruptcy lawyer's aid. Quite honestly, it occurs all too often. You could say that one couldn’t be safe from the experience of suffering from debts and bankruptcy because even those who are as young as students struggling with student loans and other financial matters are already agonizing about this matter. Everyone knows that going bankrupt isn’t a pleasing experience. Aside from the fact that it’s going to hurt your credit score and that it’ll stay in your records for 7-10 years, the realization that you no…


Reasons why Chapter 13 Bankruptcies Fail

As a Baltimore bankruptcy lawyer, we know that many people file for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case in order to save some properties from foreclosure. As you may already know, Chapter 13 bankruptcy would take much longer to settle than Chapter 7. But, if you can pull it off, then the agony of having to pay monthly for 3 to 5 years will all be worth it. However, there have been many instances when Chapter 13 bankruptcies fail. In fact, 66% of cases fall through even after passing tests and getting approval from the judge. And because it requires a long time to complete, failure would take a heavy toll on the debtor. So if you ever find yourself filing…


All about Bankruptcy Fraud

If you’re in Maryland, there are many reasons to approach a Baltimore bankruptcy lawyer and not only because you’re the one who needs to file a bankruptcy case. Sometimes, it might also be because you need the opinion and support of an expert to counter a filed bankruptcy case by a person whom you suspect or have proof to be committing bankruptcy fraud. But what exactly is bankruptcy fraud? Well as the term suggests, bankruptcy fraud is an act committed when an individual or party filing for a bankruptcy case actively conceals or neglects to reveal all assets that they may still have. If one succeeds in a bankruptcy case, they will be “given a fresh start” and…


What Do Bankruptcy Lawyers Actually Do?

In major cities such as Baltimore, the services of a bankruptcy lawyer are always on demand. This is because of the fact that there are a lot of people who have settled down in these areas. And when talking about large communities, you can count on the fact that there are always businessmen who are trying to establish their upstart companies. Sadly, not all of them will become successful in their venture. In fact, there is a big chance that some of them will come up short and declare bankruptcy after only a few years. Now, when it comes to these situations, it is a given that hiring a bankruptcy lawyer is the best option for you. These…

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