The Hidden Benefits of Filing Bankruptcy


People often turn to bankruptcy lawyers in Baltimore, Maryland as a last resort because of enormous debt. When that time comes, you may not fully realize the benefits right away. At first, you will feel a tremendous sense of relief from being debt-free. That’s especially if you have been struggling with long-term financial problems for a while now. When that realization sinks in, you will discover right after that there are plenty of peripheral benefits to gain from filing bankruptcy. The relief you feel is just the beginning.

Once the dust settles and the heavy weight of debt is eased from your shoulders, you will start to look past the fear of being judged. Furthermore, you will begin to appreciate many of the hidden benefits filing bankruptcy has to offer. So if you really think that it is the only option left to you, don’t hesitate to hire a good bankruptcy lawyer in Baltimore, Maryland to help you out.

Keep Wages Entirely for Yourself

One drawback of having a lot of debt is wage garnishment. That’s because you can’t even enjoy the benefits of everything you are working hard for. If your wages are just enough to feed your family and pay your bills, wage garnishment will drain your funds very quickly and you may be forced to accumulate even more debt.


Bankruptcy can be cathartic because it helps you mentally cleanse and let go of major stress. You can start over financially with a clean slate. Moreover, you can also let go of fear and anger caused by financial burdens.

Increased Appreciation for Money

People with significant credit card debt often have trouble explaining where their money went and why they bought what they did. That’s because they may have lost track of how much they were spending and often made impulsive spending decisions. Once the reality of debt closes in, they are often gobsmacked about how they treated their money. In the aftermath of bankruptcy, they will work harder to curb mindless spending and think twice before making purchases. After all, bankruptcy is an expensive lesson that no one wants to be taught again.

Relieve Stress-Related Physical Issues

At some point, extreme stress can manifest in physical issues that are detrimental to your health. Remember that your health is more important than anything else, and your body is not built to constantly withstand stress. When you file bankruptcy, you will gradually feel your health recovering.

Mend Relationships

Debt is one of the major reasons why relationships crumble. It has ruined many friendships, family ties, and even marital relationships. So instead of cutting ties just because of debt, you can keep relationships that matter most by choosing to start with a clean slate financially.

If you’re on the fence on whether you should file bankruptcy or not, keep in mind that doing so may just be the solution to all of your problems. Don’t let your fear of being criticized deter you from making a sound financial decision. To help you with your case, contact Attorney Richard Hackerman. He is a renowned Baltimore-based bankruptcy lawyer who has handled hundreds of cases over the years.

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