Is the Pandemic Forcing You to File for Bankruptcy? Hire a Good Lawyer

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These times are hard indeed. Many people are closing down their businesses and many more are losing their jobs. Savings are running low and unpaid bills are accumulating fast. Even Baltimore, the most populous state in Maryland, is no exception to this crisis. So, if you find yourself buried in debt with nowhere else to turn to, maybe it’s time to consider filing for bankruptcy. And to help make sure that you do everything right, hire a  Baltimore-based bankruptcy lawyer to help you through it all.

When you hear the word “bankruptcy”, you may automatically think about the death of a business. However, filing for bankruptcy is not necessarily a bad thing. Bankruptcy, ultimately, is just a legal status that grants a company or person access to special legal tools under the supervision of a bankruptcy judge to fix bad decisions they made. 

It is about moving forward and focusing on a brighter future. And although the choice to file for bankruptcy may have been forced by the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic and not by a series of bad decisions, it is certainly what many businesses and people might need right now. 

So, how do you file for bankruptcy amidst the pandemic?

Look for a good lawyer

Representing yourself is never a good idea so always hire a good Baltimore-based bankruptcy lawyer instead. The problem is, how do you find one while at home? Of course, going out and conducting in-person interviews right now is a bad idea. So instead of doing that, consider asking friends, family, and other attorneys for referrals. And while you are contacting candidates, make sure that they are able to represent you even if you are at home.

Meet with your lawyer virtually

Of course, you have to get to know your lawyer to establish trust and rapport before proceeding with anything else. You can interview your lawyer, listen to his assessments, and determine whether you want to retain him as your lawyer and proceed to the next step. Virtual consultation is also necessary to make sure that everything is set before the office files your case.

Exchange bankruptcy documents virtually

Be prepared to answer all of your lawyer’s questions since filing for bankruptcy is a form-intensive work. Meaning, you will have to answer a lengthy financial questionnaire given to you by your lawyer. You will also need to prepare lots of financial documents to support your answers. Normally, your lawyer would give you a packet that you would just return to the office later but that won’t work when the place you are in is on lockdown. So, every document has to be exchanged virtually.

Finalizing your case

For a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, all that’s left for you to do is wait for the order that wipes out your debt or your discharge. For a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you and your lawyer will telephonically or by video appear at a Chapter 13 confirmation meeting. However, if you are not needed, only your lawyer will attend. If your repayment plan will be approved at the meeting, you will stick to the agreed repayment plan for 3 to 5 years. 

This about sums up what you need to do to file for bankruptcy at home. To help you build a strong case, hire our very own Baltimore-based bankruptcy lawyer, Richard Hackerman. He will not only help you with the process but will also make sure that you file for the right type of bankruptcy. Call us now at 410-243-8800 or 888-243-5500. For more information, feel free to browse through our website.

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