Settle Your Tax Problems with a Baltimore Tax Lawyer!

Dealing with taxes on your income, properties, or other acquired assets can be pretty daunting, especially when you cannot understand what it is you are being taxed for or what taxes really do for you. This is where you need the services of a Baltimore tax settlement lawyer.

tax lawyer in Baltimore is educated to understand these things, having undergone the necessary education in this field. A tax lawyer has a clear understanding of tax laws, which is combined with excellent communication skills and negotiation strategies.

In Maryland, Richard Hackerman is a recognized Baltimore tax Lawyer. He has the necessary educational qualifications, as well as the experience needed to provide you with the kind of legal services you require. Having been practicing successfully in this field for quite some time, he has acquired competent skills that won’t be easily matched in the area. His office is located at 116 West University Parkway, Baltimore, Maryland 21210.

An attorney experienced in the area of tax law can take a closer look at your tax situation and see things that would ordinarily be missed. Most people are unaware of the rights and privileges associated with taxation that they should have. Imagine what you could be enjoying if you had good legal counsel who can cut unnecessary losses that you sustain on a regular basis. When you are made aware of these substantial savings, you will surely come to appreciate the valuable advice that Richard Hackerman can give you.

Also, imagine the troubles you can avoid. Many people file their taxes incorrectly because they are unaware of the proper procedures and the appropriate deductions. This often gets them into trouble with the government, which will not only be embarrassing and damaging to one’s reputation, but can also be costly. Having a record with the government that states that you have not paid your taxes is a heavy stain that can cause you to lose opportunities in the future. Your credit could be marred, for instance, and you could be labeled as unreliable, or worse, a cheat. It all seems so unfair when it was all just a mistake in the first place. Avoid these misunderstandings by engaging the services of a reputable and experienced tax lawyer in Baltimore.

Richard Hackerman pledges to serve you with diligence and dedication:

Tax law is my specialization and I have come to represent numerous clients in the area for all tax-related issues, as well as providing sound advice and consultation services that are usually needed. In my experience, I have come to recognize the need to make my clients knowledgeable about tax laws since most have almost nil understanding of what they are being taxed for. I believe this is very important since it makes it easier for me to explain the processes that are involved. As your Baltimore tax lawyer, I am an expert in the state laws that govern our tax system here. If you need my advice, feel free to contact me at 410-243-8800. Expect immediate and courteous service from my office.

As your chosen Baltimore tax settlement lawyer, I help taxpayers and businesses of all sizes in their tax related issues, which may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • income tax
  • excise
  • estate
  • property tax
  • gift tax

I also provide advice on the following:

  • state taxes
  • federal taxes
  • local taxes
  • foreign taxes

As your tax lawyer in Baltimore, Maryland, I will draw up the necessary documents on tax liabilities which are based on past and future transactions. Furthermore, I will also create tax saving plans. If you need my services on any tax involved activity, I am ready and willing to provide you the necessary counsel. You can expect the best legal services from me as your dedicated tax lawyer in Baltimore, Maryland.

Aside from my expertise as a tax lawyer, I am also available to provide you with legal services on business law. I investigate legal cases on specific areas of business law. I can help you on issues associated with the Internal Revenue Service, or the IRS, by negotiating with them on your behalf. There are certain instances wherein the lawyer may not be able to escape the penalties that have been ordered for the client to pay. Nevertheless, they can usually reduce the penalty to the minimum and bring about substantial improvement in the client’s financial condition. With legal counsel, government offices are more likely to consent to leniency, because they know that good advice is usually just what people need to arrange their finances and get back on the straight and narrow road of being a good tax-paying citizen. I assure you that as a tried and tested tax lawyer in Baltimore, Maryland, I can accomplish these things for you in a fast, efficient, and reliable manner. Moreover, I guarantee that I will always provide my clients with regular counseling to keep them aware of possible problems or issues that may arise in connection with the IRS or involving taxes.

To keep me competitive, I always make sure that I am updated and well-informed regarding changes on tax laws and IRS regulations. Additionally, I make sure that I make the necessary effort to make me more competent and excel in this specialization. Moreover, I am capable of handling evaluation, risk assessment, and counseling for various complicated tax problems. I also provide counseling to my clients on the consequences of new and updated federal and state tax laws that affect the clients’ businesses. Plus, I maintain the tax records and keep up with all filing deadlines related to taxes for each client. Lastly, confidentiality of records and tax information for the business in question is always maintained. Doing these jobs makes me one of the more preferred Baltimore tax lawyers. You can depend on me to provide you with excellent and courteous professional services.

What are Taxes?

Taxes are compulsory financial contributions imposed by a government to raise revenue, levied on the income or property of persons or organizations, on the production costs or sales prices of goods and services.

Taxes are not optional since the government makes sure that we receive the public services the people need. Infrastructure is a good example of this. Medical facilities, roads and public utilities are kept well-maintained so that the people who use them can enjoy health and convenience in life. It would simply not be fair for us to give only when we felt like it. If we were to donate money on a voluntary basis, the government would not be able to provide these things that we need. Although we all struggle with dreaded taxes, there are ways to make this necessity less of a burden. Call me up or pay me a visit at my office and avail of my competitive services. I am your trusted Baltimore tax lawyer.

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