What You Need before Hiring a Foreclosure Attorney in Baltimore

Consult Expert Baltimore Foreclosure Lawyers

Bankruptcy requires many details regarding your financial status. Prior to engaging RICHARD J. HACKERMAN, a Baltimore foreclosure lawyer, you should prepare yourself with the information necessary to conduct a thorough analysis of your situation.

Some of the items that you should have when contacting our offices are the following:

  • Pay stubs and other proof of income for the last six (6) months.
  • A breakdown of your monthly expenses
  • A list of all property that you own and its’ value.
  • A list of all of your debts, including the complete identity of each creditor, its’ address, the account number and the balance due.
  • Recent W-2’s and Federal and State Income Tax Returns

Please note the following:

The information you provide must be complete and truthful. All income, assets and liabilities must be accurately disclosed. This information will permit us to assist you in deciding what course of action is right for you.

If you need an experienced bankruptcy or foreclosure attorney in Baltimore to help you with a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing, please contact Richard Hackerman for a free initial bankruptcy consultation.

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